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Sacred Circle of Sisters - New Moon

art credit: Karen MacKenzie

art credit: Karen MacKenzie

"For thousands of years, in tribes and villages around the world women have come together in circles to share, to teach, to listen and to learn." -Heather Ash Amara, Warrior Goddess Training

This is an invitation to explore what it means to be wholly ourselves: wholly seen, heard, loved, supported, acknowledged, honoured, empowered and celebrated as womxn* - no matter our age, ethnicity, or sexual preference. We celebrate our diversity and welcome all sisters even as Mother Earth has birthed, embraced, supported and provided for us all.

Through integrative activities of body, mind, heart and spirit, we will reconnect to our wholeness: our maiden, our wild woman, our goddess, our mother, our warrior, our crone. In our circle, we will blend the wisdom of ancient traditions and rituals with modern forms of expression so as to bring wholeness to the lives we are currently living.

There are many ancient cultures in which the cultural dynamic was not based solely on the patriarchal system as it is today. The female aspects were revered; the maidens, mothers, crones, and matriarchal leaders were respected for their wisdom and contribution to the whole: their gifts of intuition, healing, creativity and connection.

This has nothing to do with being better than men, or wanting to have power over them or being special because of our biology. We all have both female and male characteristics, and it is in honouring all life that we can embrace all aspects of ourselves - we remember our wholeness.

In the modern story of the heroine's journey, women venture out to find themselves, combat fear and doubt, reclaim their power and vibrancy and demonstrate their strength of compassion and fierce love, returning home to themselves and to their community with the gift of wholeness. (Adaptation from Warrior Goddess Training by Heather Ash Amara.)

NOTE: This will be our first meeting, and those who are gathered will help decide the most convenient dates forthgoing. We will announce our future schedule once that is determined.

*This spelling is used so as to include all who identify as womxn.

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Connect & Create: A Workshop for Mothers & Daughters
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Connect & Create: A Workshop for Mothers & Daughters

Join @Theresa De Rox from @The Artful Way of Living a Meaningful Life and @Debbie Bridge from Inquiry & Curiosity for an intimate four week workshop series filled with fun, inspiration, and nourishment. 

This series is open to mothers and adult daughters (18+). Mothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandmothers, etc also welcome. It's designed for mothers and daughters to attend together.

Wherever you are in your mother/daughter relationship, this workshop is designed to honour and propel your connection to a deeper level.

Here's what you can expect:

- We will be meeting for four Sundays in March;
- Practice in The Work of Byron Katie - a powerful self inquiry method;
- Insights to deepen the understanding of yourself and your mother/daughter;
- Visual journaling as a unique means of creative communication;
- Fun!

Two sessions will be focused on The Work of Byron Katie with Debbie and two sessions will be focused on visual journaling with Theresa.

Schedule: 2pm - 5pm each session
Mar 4 - Introductions/Inquiry
Mar 11 - Visual Journaling
Mar 18 - Inquiry
Mar 25 - Visual Journaling/Wrap up

You are invited into a process of exploration and questioning throughout the Connect & Create workshop.

In weeks one and three, you will be introduced to a powerful method of self-inquiry called The Work of Byron Katie, a profound way of questioning stressful thoughts, with Debbie from Inquiry & Curiosity.

When the questions of The Work are contemplated with an open mind, we’re able to realize what is reality rather than what we assume to be true. It’s our assumptions that often create miscommunication and frustration in our relationships.

Waking up to reality often leads us to a profound feeling of freedom, joy, and connection with those we love. Finding forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others are also benefits of doing The Work.

In Weeks 2 and 4, you will experience the joys of visual journaling with Theresa from The Artful Way of Living.

What is visual journaling? and why is it important?

Visual journaling combines the written language and the visual language to give a greater breadth of expression and understanding.

During our Connect & Create workshop, we will be using this tool as a way to have fun together, create together and explore the value of meaningful relationships as mothers and daughters.

Theresa and her daughter have used visual journaling as a way to stay connected over the years, sharing the same journal. Theresa reflects that it's such a treat to look back on their memories, hopes and dreams through this means of expression. ♥

If you’re interested in understanding yourself and enhancing the connection with your mother/daughter, please join us in this four week series. It's sure to add memories that mother and daughter can treasure for years to come.

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Finding Flow: Recognizing our own Rhythms


Finding "flow" in our daily lives is an important practice. Nature reminds us of its own flow through its various cycles of water, of seasons and rotations of the celestial bodies. During the summer months, I am especially attuned to noticing the breeze moving the grasses, the leaves dancing, the waves washing over the sand...

Flow can be many things: rhythmic patterns found in our daily routines, or a state of consciousness when we are especially absorbed in our activity, or it can be alignment with or surrendering to "what is". 

In our daily lives, we tend to get stuck in linear motions - routines or ruts - because we live in a mostly linear time frame. Inviting and welcoming flow and natural rhythm back into our lives can contribute to new ways of experiencing creativity and aliveness!

Flow has been described and defined in more specific terms by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who says that "flow" can enhance our experience of happiness. You can find out more here:

We are all creative beings - whether we realize it or not - whether we have been told something different or not. From the scientist who creates an experiment that leads to more discoveries, more ideas, more opportunities to the Michaelangelo's among us who create masterpieces of art, from the babe to the elder, from thinkers to dreamers, we all have life-giving CREATIVE FORCES within us that help us problem-solve and/or create new opportunities for ourselves.

Visual Journaling creates space for exploring our natural rhythms, our "flow" for finding peace, for finding answers, for finding a way through the labyrinth of life!

Exploring the freedom and joy of child-like creativity can promote overall health and wellness! improve self esteem and self image! and contribute to life-changing ah-ha moments!

Come play! Come explore! Find Your Flow!

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If I were a colour...

Have you ever been asked to describe yourself in colours or patterns or shapes? Do you find that you are drawn to particular images because something just felt right about it? Sometimes there are hidden messages, subconscious layers of understanding for us - if we only took time to wait, to listen, to express, creatively.


Visual Journaling creates space for exploring all of that and MORE: who we are and how we might express our genuine selves, creatively. Most human beings have an outer shell that they project - one that fits in, one that others will like, one that we think is more suitable and/or acceptable. But what about the REAL you?


We are all creative beings: from a very young age we draw and colour and paint and play with colours and shapes and patterns freely, no matter if we fit in, no matter if we stay inside the lines, no matter if we are accepted by others...


Exploring the freedom and joy of child-like creativity can promote overall health and wellness! improve self esteem and self image and contribute to life-changing ah-ha moments!

Come play! Come explore and find out for yourself! Come enjoy!

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Summer is for this... Ahhhhhhh!

YES! THIS! that feeling of Ahhhh! sunshine on your face, wind in your hair, sand on your toes... soaking up the goodness that life has to offer, right?!? 

Well, because we are driven by yesterday's stress, today's 2-do's, and tomorrow's worries, most of us actually have to work at having fun: we have to develop a rhythm for creative time, for "me" time, for slowing down and being "present".

And that's exactly what we have to offer! Time to explore new ways to move, to breathe, to laugh, to create so that our whole being is served and supported! so that we can relax into the Ahhhhh! that our bodies, minds, hearts, souls long for!  


WHEN: Monday, June 26th - July 24th, 7-9 pm
             Wednesday, June 21st - July 19th, 1-3 pm

WHERE: Domestic Goddess Centre, 95 McLeod Avenue
Spruce Grove, Alberta, AB []



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Creative Exploration : What Matters Most
6:00 PM18:00

Creative Exploration : What Matters Most

In this day and age, our values are constantly being challenged, our time consumed with to-do's, our thoughts focused on things that "need to be fixed". Our bodies, minds, hearts are stressed the majority of the time.

We wake up tired, we go to work tired, we go to bed tired and start all over again the next day. Unfortunately, this has become our "normal".

In order to break this continuous loop, we need to step out of our normal: take time to move and stretch our imagination, to play again. We need creative outlets for expressing what is important, what really matters to us.

Come join me in moving beyond our routine - through colour, forms and words - to a place that matters most. 

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5:30 PM17:30

Bring on Spring!

Come join us this Tuesday, March 21st, 6:30-8:30 pm, at the spacious, newly-renovated Business Connection Centre in Spruce Grove.

We will be welcoming warmth into our bodies, hearts and minds to encourage new growth, planting new and fresh ideas with tender loving care and guidance that will soon blossom into fruitful endeavours.

We will invite dreams, hopes and aspirations that lie dormant to come alive as we breathe, move, and play together with colours and shapes and sounds.

As the light opens us to greater awareness, what do you wish to bring into your life? As you break through the frozen grounds of belief systems, cultural and societal norms, fears and anxieties or the pressures of daily life, what no longer serves you?

Let's invite joy and lightness of heart, warmth of spirit with a dash of compassion to create an amazing recipe for wellness.

Let's rejuvenate our child-like wonder, and explore the wisdom of our whole body, mind and heart.

This is only the beginning of a series of workshops, so get your curious on and let's Bring on Spring! Weekly dates and times will be posted, so stay tuned for more.

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Create Date! Yes, that's right: A Play Date for You and Me!
12:00 PM12:00

Create Date! Yes, that's right: A Play Date for You and Me!

If you are a parent, you need this.
If you are not a parent, you need this. 
If you haven't played for a while, you need this.
If you have played but want to play some more, you need this.
Bottom line, you need this! You deserve this! 

As adults we forget how simple wellness can be, how simple it is to let our inhibitions, our fears, our limits, our dis-ease go. 

Our kids are perfect examples of how easy it is to imagine, to see things with fresh perspectives, to explore new ideas... they THRIVE in environments where they can just play and be themselves - without judgement and criticism, without the social pressures of what life "should" look like. 

Well, that's what CREATE DATE is all about! Let's be kids again and discover that wellness is right here, right now, already within our grasp and available to all.

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